• Never share information to strangers online
  • Don’t reveal any personal identity information on your username
  • Don’t share pictures of yourself or your family/friends
  • Never open emails that come from online sources
  • Don’t respond to mean or threatening comments
  • Nothing is private
  • Never meet someone you met online in person
  • Ask parents for help
5 and under: tell her parents if something happens
  • Don’t share passwords or anything personal
  • Check with your parents to see if the sites are okay to go on
  • Be nice to being online
  • Keep information safe, never give it out
6-12: tell someone if you are being harassed
  • Block the user that is harassing you
  • Don’t open messages from people you don’t know
  • Don’t trust anyone online with personal things
  • Set profiles to private
  • Keep evidence
  • Tell an adult you can trust
  • Ignore it if your being bullied
  • Block them
  • Respect your friends
  • Think twice before you post/say something online
  • Remember-it’s forever
  • Keep your personal details private
  • Keep your password a secret
  • Use appropriate avatars
  • If someone is rude don’t respond
  • Keep your friends list manageable

20’s, 50’s, 70’s:
  • Be careful with what sites you post
  • Watch what your kids do online
  • Keep your identity to yourself
  • Don’t put up inappropriate pictures online, they stay there forever
  • Be nice when chatting with people online
  • Create safe usernames/gamer tags
  • Be careful of voice interactions while playing games
  • Choose careful passwords
  • when you shop online make sure the website is secure
  • make sure when you buy online, it’s a real website
  • don’t use the same password for everything

PHISHING: is someone trying to get your information- a scam/theft. If you get an email from someone you don’t know saying you one a new car but all you need to do if give them your social security number, don’t to do. It’s most likely going to end up in identity theft.

Chat rooms: while chat rooms can be fun, they can also be very dangerous. People you don’t know might start chatting you and asking you for personal information. Do not give them it. They can also start sending you inappropriate photos. Just block the user.
Sexting: if you sext, things could go wrong and the person you sent it to could show people and it could end up on the internet and other places where you don’t want it to.
Identity theft: a form of fraud or cheating of another persons identity. Never give your information away online. Be careful on the websites you order stuff from, because they could be fake websites that steal your identity.
Cyber bullying: use of the internet to harm other people. Don’t cyber bully anyone, because it is very serious and the police can get involved, and that is something you don’t want.

Scams: scams are those annoying pop up things you always get on your computer that say “click here to win a new ipad!!” but it’s all a scam so people can get your money.
Passwords: passwords are meant for you and only you to know, not your best friend or anyone else, because you can get hacked and bad things can happen that you really don’t want. You and your best friend might get in a fight and so she might go on your account and make your status things that people weren’t suppose to know.
Harassment: harassment is bad. If you are being harassed over the internet, tell someone because it’s illegal and that person can get in trouble and it will be the right thing to do if you tell an adult or someone you trust that can do something.
Email: email is a way for you to connect with friends you don’t get to see much. But it can also be a way for people to send you scams that you don’t want. But people might click on them and then they can steal your information and money. Try to prevent these scams and get something to block them.
Instant messaging-from people you don’t know: instant messaging is an easy way for strangers to chat you. But it is very dangerous. You should know that you should never give out your information to anyone that you don’t know because even though they said they were 18, they could really be 48 in real live and when you give them your address they can come and sexual assault you and then kill you. So be careful.
Social networks: like facebook, myspace, meebo, twitter, tumblr, etc.. they can be a lot of fun, but you need to be very careful with what you post because once you put it on the internet, it stays on there forever. You should keep your profiles on private so that only your friends can see it and no one else.

Sexual predators: sexual predators are everywhere, you just don’t know it. You need to be careful what you say to people in chat rooms and watch out for people who try to talk to you in a sexual way. Sexual predators try to steal your information and money, and everyday people fall into the trap of a sexual predator.
Bank account info: your bank account info is the information you gave to the bank when you opened your bank account. You need to keep your information safe because if someone finds out that information then all of your money and things that are in that bank account will be taken and you will not be able to get them back.bullying_magic_show.gif